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Dr. phil. Wilhelm v. Brehmer.

He described every single state of the development in minute detail of ”Siphonospora polymorpha” and discovered its’ connection with cancer.

With continuous changes of the pH-value of the blood, the germination into rod-shaped spores takes place, which then disintegrate and release nucleoli and final germs, which can grow into rods again. If the process is malignant, the rods, as typical parasites, have the power to destroy the erythrocytes progressively by affecting the nuclei and pathologically splitting them. Due to the progressive development of ”Siphonospora polymorpha” the erythrocytes become clumpy. This leads to a reduced oxygen supply in the body and results in a lack of energy because as we know, oxygen is necessary for the generation of energy.

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Analysis of the bloodmicrobes

Wilhelm v. Brehmer developed a modified Gram-Weigert stain of the blood, which uncovers very clearly the states of development of endobionts of ”Siphonospora polymorpha” in erythrocytes and in plasma. This colouring is the basis of the blood microbes test.